Dance Ministry Leader 101 Training Manual is designed to groom dance ministry leaders by teaching them how to start, grow and/or develop a successfully anointed dance ministry. Students will learn how to run a spirit-led dance ministry and how to set the atmosphere through praise and worship. Dance Ministry Leader 101 Training Manual will catapult each student’s dance ministry to the next level through Scripture-based lectures and dance movement exercises. 

Dance Ministry Leader 101 Training Manual is for anyone who is interested in growing as a dancer, dance leader or in developing a dance team or ministry.


Testimonials from former students

“Godly proud to say the Holy Ghost allowed me to impart dance ministry in the beautiful country of Haiti.” 

-Shekina Mitchell

“I was given the opportunity to open up for Vickie Winans!” -Destiny Davis

“Since moving to Texas as a high school student, Emerald has received several invitations to share her ministry at churches, talent showcases and women’s conferences.” 
-Fiona Bobb-Semple (Parent)

“I would recommend everyone to her dance school and to her if they want to learn any dance of God.” 

-Tiana Beal

“Dance changed my life!” 

-Linda Pennington

$24.95 plus $3.50 S&H

Dance Ministry Leader 101 Training Manual